Horses for Sale or Lease

Horses for Sale in NJ

We love each and every horse we work with as if it was our own.  We continually update this page with the horses that are currently available for sale and/or lease.  If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please reach out to Caitlin as we would love to help you find your next superstar!




Available for Sale or Lease

  • Details: 2019, 13.1 Palomino Gelding
  • Price: Mid Five Figures
  • Description: Green medium pony hunter with all the right parts. Great mover and jumper. Perfect auto changes. Ready for a kid to take him in the green pony hunters for 2025. With this pony you will definitely turn heads!

Hidden Springs Basil

Available for in barn Half Lease Only

  • Details: Aged, 14.1 Gray Gelding
  • Price: $1000 per month half lease, all inclusive except Lessons & Shows
  • Description: Basil is the absolute winner ready to take your kid to the winners circle in the Mini Stirrup through Low Children’s Ponies. He carries his own pace, always keeps his kid safe, and judges adore him. He has been NJPHA and NJHSA Champion year after year, is always in the winners circle for the Fall Finale, and has started more top riders careers in NJ than you can count. If you want to accelerate your kids path to success, this is the pony for you!



Available for Lease June 2024

  • Details: 2008 16.2 Hanovarian. Gelding
  • Price: Mid 5-figures Lease
  • Description: Huge record from 2’6” to 3’3”. Big stride, beautiful mover, auto changes and you can’t make him stop. No spook at the jumps and an easy 3ft packer for anyone.

Someday Came

Available for In Barn Half Lease September 2024

  • Details: 14.1h Liver Chestnut Welsh Mare
  • Price: $1000 per month half lease, all inclusive except Lessons & Shows
  • Description: Someday Came aka “Bella” is the best teacher for kids from walk trot through the Short Stirrup division. Always jumps, no prep, always the same pony every day. Former Reserve Champion at Pony Finals! The perfect teacher!

Powder Puff

Available for Lease September 2024

  • Details: Aged, 12.2 Gray Mare
  • Price: Very reasonable in-barn full and half lease terms available
  • Description: Absolute saint with a show record miles long. She has done it all from pony finals to Devon an is available for lease up to Short Stirrup. She is complete auto and quiet every day. Preference and negotiable affordable lease terms given to someone who wants to lease her here at Someday Stables.

Dream In Color

Available for Lease September 2024

  • Details: 2016 13.2 Palomino Gelding
  • Price: Mid 5-figures Lease.
  • Description: Perfect and simple Medium Pony Hunter. Great mover, auto change, and as easy as they come. Perfect pony to take a kid into the Division.


Available for lease October 2024

  • Details: 2006 16.0h Bay Polish Warmblood Gelding
  • Price: Low-Mid 5 figures lease,
  • Description: Former winning junior Hunter now excels at the 2’6″ packer job. Always takes care of his rider, always gets to the other side of the jump, and is the winner.

Boy Toy

Available October 2024

  • Details: 2009 16.2h Grey Holsteiner Gelding
  • Price: Low-Mid 5 figures lease, lowest 6-figures sale
  • Description: Packing fool 2’6″ – 3’3″ hunter. This horse has a record a mile long from California to Indoors. Will never stop and is very forgiving. Auto lead changes and always gets a piece of the hack.

Justin Thyme

Available for Lease November 2024

  • Details: Aged, 13.2 Bay Mare
  • Price: Low-Mid 5 Figure Lease
  • Description: Justine is the best WT to medium Children’s pony. She is super safe and reliable. She is really good at lunge line lessons and children can do everything with her. Auto changes, brave, and honest. Ready to teach her next kid!

Celtic Blue

Available for Lease November 2024

  • Details: 16.2 11 Year Old Hanoverian Mare by Cabardino
  • Price: Mid 5-figures Lease
  • Description: Shakira has a show record a mile long. Perfect 3ft to 3’3 hunter for any rider. Always jumps, zero spook, no prep, and never needs to see the ring. As a bonus she is always competitive in the hacks and jumps a 20. Would never know she’s a mare and is on no hormones.


Available for Lease December 2024

  • Details: 2007 15.2 1/4 Gray Gelding
  • Price: Low-Mid 5-figures Lease
  • Description: Artie’s list of accomplishments are a mile long. Ribbons or tricolers at Junior Hunter Finals, Devon, Indoors, and WEF. Always jumps, no spook, auto everything. Available for lease for the 2’6”Hunter Divisions

More Like It

Available for Lease January 2025

  • Details: 2006 14.2 Chestnut Gelding
  • Price: Mid-Low 5 figures lease
  • Description: With a show record miles long and ribbons at Pony Finals, Devon, and Indoors, “Indy” is now the winner in the Childrens Ponies. Auto everything, the hack winner, and an outrageous jumper.