Horses for Sale

Horses for Sale in NJ

We love each and every horse we work with as if it was our own.  We continually update this page with the horses that are currently available for sale and/or lease.  If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please reach out to Caitlin as we would love to help you find your next superstar!




Available for Sale or Lease

  • Details: 2015 16.3h Bay Gelding by Diarado
  • Price: Mid-5 Figures lease, Highest 5-Figures Sale
  • Details: Imported just weeks ago, he is ready to take on the hunter ring with a junior or an amateur! Outrageous jumper, quiet, scopey, and as brave as they come. Easy lead changes and extremely tolerant of rider error. To top it off he is absolutely stunning to look at.

Sugar Cookie

Available for In Barn Half Lease

  • Details: Aged, 13.1 Paint Mare
  • Price: Very reasonable in-barn lease terms available
  • Description: “Sally” is the best teacher. Safe every day, perfect for little kids to work with, and years of experience winning in the show ring to share. Sally is available for Half Lease through April 1, 2022, and then will be available for full or half lease.


Available for Sale or Lease

  • Details: 2007 17.3h Bay Holsteiner Gelding by Cassaro
  • Price: Mid-5 Figures lease, High 5-Figures Sale
  • Details: Cal is a superstar for teaching riders how to take on the big jumper tracks safely and with confidence. He is brave and will take a joke even at 1.40!!! He has massive scope and stride to get riders out of any trouble they might find themselves in. To top it off he is beautiful to look at and has excellent flatwork.  Very reasonably priced for a horse of this quality.

More Like It

Available for Lease

  • Details: 2006 14.2 Chestnut Gelding
  • Price: Mid-Low 5 figures lease
  • Description: With a show record miles long and ribbons at Pony Finals, Devon, and Indoors, “Indy” is now the winner in the Childrens Ponies. Auto everything, the hack winner, and an outrageous jumper.

Powder Puff

Available for In-Barn Half Lease

  • Details: Aged, 12.2 Gray Mare
  • Price: Very reasonable in-barn full and half lease terms available
  • Description: Absolute saint with a show record miles long. She has done it all from pony finals to Devon an is available for lease up to Short Stirrup. She is complete auto and quiet every day. Preference and negotiable affordable lease terms given to someone who wants to lease her here at Someday Stables.


Stars Go Blue

Available for Lease April 2022

  • Details: Aged 16.0 Black Gelding
  • Price: Lowest 5 figures lease
  • Description: Saintly been there – done that with auto everything and very brave. Perfect first show horse type for a 2ft job.

Clovermeade Call Me Peaches

Available for Lease May 2022

  • Details: Aged 12.2h Strawberry Roan Welsh Mare
  • Price: Low-5 figures lease
  • Description: Peaches is the winning-most Short Stirrup – Mini Stirrup pony. She is safe, automatic, and flashy to boot! Kids love her and trainers love to teach on her. The best pony to bring your kid to the winners circle!


Available for Lease October 2022

  • Details: 2005 16.0h Gray Warmblood Gelding
  • Price: Mid-5 figures lease
  • Description: Columbus aka “Chico” is the absolute winner in the 2’6″ divisions. Auto everything, big-strided, brave, and simple to ride.

One Up

Available for Lease November 2022

  • Details: 2004 16.0h chestnut Warmblood Gelding
  • Price: Mid-5 figures lease
  • Description: “Teddy” is the absolute unicorn that everyone is searching for. He is a beautiful, kind, auto, hack winner who can take any rider from their first crossrail through the 2’9 hunters. They don’t come any more pleasant to teach on. Teddy has one canter rhythm that never ever changes. Never gets strong, fast, lazy, or lights up. And has a completely auto lead change. As a bonus he is beautiful and a fabulous mover! A true unicorn!

Someday Came

Available for Lease December 2022

  • Details: 2003 14.1h Liver Chestnut Welsh Mare
  • Price: Low-5 figures lease
  • Description: Someday Came aka “Bella” is the best teacher for kids moving into and out of the Short Stirrup division. Always jumps, no prep, always the same pony every day. The perfect teacher!